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Dictionary Page Art – Cats & Quilts

I’ve got a friend who absolutely LOVES kitties and making quilts. Actually, she LOVES making quilt tops – I’m not sure she’s actually made a full size quilt yet.

I wanted to give her something special for her birthday this past January so I created art work on a dictionary page that contained the definition of quilt.

The picture and mat were fine but I wanted it to have something more so I began experimenting with paper cutting and designed a custom border for the picture mat.

I designed a vine, then added sewing, quilting and kitty elements intertwined among the flowers and leaves.

This is how it turned out.


Were you able to find the scissors, thread and needle, pin cushion, spool of thread, thimble, and three kitties?

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A Tribute to our K9 Officers

Last year our community lost two of our K9 officers.

I have three dogs who I consider part of our family. I’ve also lost several dogs throughout the years who grew old and sadly passed on. So when I heard about these brave dogs crossing over, I felt compelled to create an art piece as a tribute to their dedication and courage.



This piece is now available in our Etsy shop.

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Meet The Duke – Cat Herder

I am an artist. 

That’s a statement that has been difficult for me to say out loud; let alone write it down for someone else to see.

Most of my life I have been hiding in the art closet – figuratively speaking that is… I doodle, draw in a notebook when sitting in meetings at my full-time job, scribble on napkins in a restaurant, sketch while sitting in front of the TV and never really shared any of my drawings with anyone.

Then one day in a meeting a lady sat down next to me and said she always liked to pick the seat next to mine so she could see what I was drawing. Another lady sat to my other side, over hearing our conversation, she said the same thing. I looked at my notebook drawing of a dog and looked at it with that ever so critical thought and said “Really?”

They both shook their head and said “Yes, really! You are very talented.”

“Huh.” Family members have told me that throughout my life but – well you know – family has to say something nice – right?

Well, I took a deep breath and decided maybe I would start showing my artwork to a few friends and see what they thought… all of them gave me positive feedback. Then I expanded to a few more people, a few co-workers, etc.All the comments were very encouraging.

Then one day, someone asked me to create them a special piece of art – and were willing to pay me. Really!

I started here and there and made a few pieces for friends then about a month or so ago a project manager at work pulled me in his office and asked me to create a picture of a cowboy herding cats. He said that he felt managing a project was the same as trying to herd cats and he would really like a drawing of it. Also, I was the only person he knew who could do it.

He sent some photos that he found on the Internet; but I really didn’t care for the layout and told him that I would just come up with something – you know, artistic license.

I mulled over the idea for a while and, as a person who has managed projects and people, you have all kinds of personality types that must work together. There is always someone who is grumpy, a clown, the person who is distracted, the one that is all business, the one that sucks up to the leader, etc. I wanted to show that in the art piece.

I worked on it for a few weeks and finally finished. I presented it to him at work last week, and he just started laughing and kept saying “Awesome”. Several other people saw it and – not to brag – but everyone was very kind and had lots of good things to say.

So here it is…. please meet The Duke and his Heard of Cats.


My husband suggested I present the picture in a frame. I got lucky and found a barn wood frame at Hobby Lobby. It was a perfect match for the art piece.


This is a digital art piece created in Photoshop and printed on an Epson R2000 printer using archival inks on Epson Fine Art paper. The print will be available in my Etsy shop this week.

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